Company Culture

Xinzhu Mission

Xinzhu Mission

Pioneering and enterprising, rewarding motherland by developing industry.

Xinzhu Vision

Complete solution supplier of the key parts and construction equipment for public transportation and civil engineering projects.

Guiding Principle

Be practical and realistic, and make standardized operation.
Carry out concentric diversification strategy to make the enterprise stronger.
Guide each work in the principle of honesty and good credit.

Xinzhu Concept

Core Value

Quality cost is the primary cost.
Human resources is the foremost resources.
Innovation capability is the fundamental momentum.

Xinzhu Spirit

Solidarity, tolerance, pioneering and enterprising.

Xinzhu Style

Focus on efficiency, and abide by contract.

Xinzhu Service

Provide customers reliable and convenient products.

Operating Concept

Survive by quality, and develop by innovation.

Management Concept

Customer focused, and ensure product quality with the control of technologies and solutions.
With emphasis in independent innovation, take in all the advantages of others to provide customers value-added services.
Exchange and communication is the link for management.