Integrated steel rolling technology

The first in the industry to adopt integrated hot rolling steel technology, which overcome the difficult problem of the world that it needs to weld when the expansion steel is rolled.

The project won First Prize of Science and Technology Progress 1998, and gained 3 items of patents. And it won the Excellent New Product Prize of National Technology Innovation in June 2001.

The microscopic test shows that the integrated hot rolling steel has more densed steel structure compared with America and Germany steel products, so its mechanical property is more reliable.


MC series of continuous concrete mixing plant

Xinzhu is one of the first manufacturers in China to adopt secondary stage mixing technology on the design of large capacity continuous concrete mixing plant. With electronic measurement and continuous operation technology, the mixing plant product can be used to mix plastic concrete, dry hard or semidry hard compacted concrete. The product has been successfully used in various projects like Xichang-Panzhihua Expressway, Wuhan-Huangshi Expressway, Yunnan Xiaowan Hydropower station, Sichuan Zipingpu Power Plant, etc.


Extra large-movement expansion joint

ZL1120 large-movement bridge expansion joint was the first to pass the overall performance test and gained the acceptance of National Technology Innovation Project. The product was applied in the construction of Chongqing Dafosi Yangtze River Bridge.

MT12000 Multifunctional Paver

Each aspect is designed to meet China’s characteristics in resources, road structure, and construction technology.

The expert conclusion from the Ministry of Communications: the technical indexes and structure of the machine achieves internationally advanced level and leading level in China among the same models of counterparts products. And it is applicable to the paving operation for expressways.

The series products can be applicable to various paving conditions like different materials and different road nature. The product has been successfully applied in various domestic projects including expressways, municipal roads, airports, etc. and it is also exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, and Africa. Xinzhu paver products adopt multiple patented technologies. Xinzhu has become one of the leading paver manufacturers in China.


Tension pot rubber bearing for straddle type monorail transit beam

The tension pot rubber bearing for straddle type monorail transit beam developed by the company was first used in the key project of Western China—Chongqing Light Railway, and won the Prize of National Key New Product and the Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Chengdu.


Full automatic bearing production line

Won the majority of technological transfer projects of Ministry of Railways

The ministry of Railways implemented the technological transfer system for the production and management of railway/bridge functional parts. And only the authorized enterprise can gain the transformation of related product technology. At present, Xinzhu has gained the technological transformation of KTPZ, CKPZ, TGPZ, KTQZ, TJGZ bridge bearing products.


“3 spraying-3 drying” technology for the coating of bearing surface

Xinzhu was the first in the industry to develop the “3 spraying-3 drying” full automatic coating technology. The production capability is up to 500 sets with this coating line. The anti-corrosion coating line greatly improves productivity and meets the needs for the large-scale construction of railways.

The first to gain CRCC certificate

Since 2005, the railway bridge bearing products were required to pass the certification. And Xinzhu passed the certification in 2006, which was among the first enterprises that gained the CRCC certificate.

HZSG series concrete mixing plant specially for high-speed railway

The construction of high-speed railway requires large quantity of high quality concrete, which needs special concrete mixing equipment. The concrete mixing plant developed by Xinzhu specially for high-speed railway construction has been successfully applied in the trial section of the first passenger dedicated railway line in China—Chongqing-Suining Line. And the product has become the major machinery for the concrete mixing work in high-speed railway construction.
HZSG series equipment improved the technology for traditional commercial concrete mixing, featuring high precision and good stability. The products have been used in multiple passenger dedicated lines like Beijing-Shanghai, Harbin-Dalian, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Zhengzhou-Xi’an, Datong-Xi’an, etc.

WCBG series multifunctional mixing plant for high-speed railway base material

With the independent patent technology (ZL200620036124.6, ZL00223418.1), Xinzhu manufactured the multifunctional mixing plant for high-speed railway base material according to the special technological requirements on the improved soil, A/B padding, and grading gravel. And Xinzhu became the first manufacturer in China that successfully applied the multifunctional mixing plant for high-speed railway base and the product has been used in Wuhan-Guangzhou, Zhengzhou-Xi’an, Harbin-Dalian, Beijing-Shanghai passenger dedicated lines.

Full set of rubberized asphalt production equipment

Xinzhu is the first enterprise that possesses the production technologies and equipment manufacturing technology and draws up the national standards on the production equipment and technologies.
Xinzhu has independent intellectual property right and multiple national patent technologies, among which the cross circulation heat exchange technology and the suspended matter drop-down technology is advanced in China; it adopts module design of standard container size, automatic control of the whole production process, featuring high measuring precision, efficient and even mixing, high efficiency and high productivity. At present, the product has been successfully used in the trial section of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, rebuilding of Chengdu 2nd and 3rd Ring Road, Beijing-Chengde Expressway, and various city roads rebuild projects.


Bearing spherical surface inversion technology for extra-large bridge

This spherical bearing is designed according to the load-carrying characteristic of special bridge, which has gained national patent certificate. The spherical surface inversion technology of 16,000 ton extra-large spherical bearing was successfully applied in the Shandong Jining Xifuhe Bridge project, and the bearing is also the largest in the construction of highway bridge in China.

HDR high damping rubber bearing

Xinzhu is the first enterprise in China to get the CE certificate on high damping rubber bearing. The product has been applied in a large scale in the Algeria’s East-West Highway project which is the longest foreign highway project that China has undertaken.

Anchor ring tempering heat treatment technology

Xinzhu independently designed the natural gas heating and protection equipment for the automatic production line of anchor ring tempering heat treatment, which improves product quality, reduces product cost and improves efficiency.

Forging and swing grinding technology

Xinzhu developed the largest swing grinder (1,250 ton) in China with independent intellectual property right. The product achieves internationally advanced level. And its capability equals to the effect of common forging equipment with forging force of over 10,000 ton; compared with the steel plate, its mechanical performance is 15~20% higher in the strength, and 10~15% higher in the extension strength. It is very important for the safety improvement of key bridge functional parts.


Clamp heat treatment technology

Xinzhu was the first to adopt Ipsen patent technology in China, i.e. the carburization technology using air instead of methanol which need no carburizer. The successful application of the technology in our company plays an important role for its generalization in China.

APRC series emulsified asphalt cold generation mixing equipment

The equipment can make the old asphalt road surface get 100% reused. And it does not need to stoving and heating the old material, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly.
The series of products have the leading performance in China, and they have been successfully used in multiple projects like the extension projects of Luohe section of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Xi’an-Chengdu Expressway.


Polyurethane expansion joint elastomeric components development

Xinzhu is the first enterprise in China to take polyurethane as the raw material for elastomeric components, which improves the performance by more than 50% compared with the common products. And the success of the products solves the key technical problem of steel expansion joint. The product has undertaken the fatigue test of 5 million times conducted by Chongqing Highway Inspection Center, and the result show that the product has superior performance.

Rigid articulated bearing

The rigid articulated bearing is the key parts for the cable-stayed bridge of 2,000 kilometers or above. The product solves the steel box beam deformation problem caused by the temperature load on the cable-stayed bridge. The product has been successfully used on the Jiashao Bridge which is the first 6 pylon single column 4 cable plane steel box beam cable-stayed bridge in the world bridge history to adopt rigid articulated structure.

Self-propelled concrete sprayer

The XZPS30 self-propelled concrete sprayer developed by Xinzhu is the first full hydraulic drive and full automatic intelligent control concrete spraying machine with independent intellectual property right in China. It has visualized operation mode and 9 flexible mechanical spraying mechanisms, featuring wide work range, max spraying height of 16m, horizontal spraying width of 28m, and max productivity of 30 m3/h. Each performance index of the machine reaches internationally advanced level and leading level in China, and it breaks the monopoly of foreign tunnel construction equipment in China.

High-speed railway sound barrier

Xinzhu is the only enterprise in China that can provide the complete computation model and related data for high-speed railway sound barrier. The company overcomes the difficulties of high-speed railway (280km/h) noise treatment and provides complete solutions for the sound barrier application in various high-speed railway projects like Beijing-Shanghai Railway. With more than 10 items of patents, Xinzhu becomes the manufacturer with the most complete intellectual property rights in China.
During the aerodynamic test for the sound barrier of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the performance indexes of Xinzhu product are all superior than the standards issued by the Ministry of Railway. Xinzhu has become the excellent sound barrier supplier in China.
The metal sound barrier developed by Xinzhu for the 420hm/h high-speed railway passed the inspection by Safety and Hygiene Inspection Office of Product Quality Supervision &Test Center and multiple sound absorption and anti-fatigue test by China Building Material Test and Certification Center. Xinzhu is the only manufacturer that can produce the product in the world, which represents the highest level of the sound barrier technology.


The largest module expansion joint

The ZL1600 extra large movement bridge expansion joint independently developed by the company for Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge is the largest product of its kind in China.