About XinZhu EU


(Dusseldorf, Germany)

Xinzhu of Europe is a Co.llc (limited liability company) according to the developing strategy, and the view of the country. It was established in Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. It’s located in the European economic center and connected to main industry systems, which could ensure to play an important role as the office.

The target and function of European office

  • The European office would investigate the international market to find new industries, resouses and profits that benefit the company. It also provide information and strategies for the company long-term development.
  • It keeps close to leaders of enterprise across the world and collaborates with them at the aspects of strategy,capital, marketing, technology, suppliment, resource and training.
  • It cooperates with prestigious universities, professional research and academic institutes and design companies
  • It asserts brand strategies of Xinzhu to increase its reputation overseas and to become the fort of international business
  • It arranges imoprtant Chinese clients and partners’ work to investigate and survey conerning business in Europe, etc.
  • It builds up the access to international information of related industries for our company.
  • It organizes staff to accept technical training and collaboration.


We aim at  the preparation for the cooperation between our company and European streetcar industry, operation of technical training , settling training place and Visa processing for example.
Für die Zusammenarbeit mit den europäischen Bahnen, soll das Unternehmen  die verbundenen Koordination gut machen, wie bevorstehende technische Ausbildung fuer technisches Personal, Training Lage, Visumbeantragung usw.


It is in charge of the promotion of company image and investment trade apartment with Dusseldorf local government and Nordrhein-Westfalen government. They cooperate with IHK (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag) and introduce our brand and get contacts with local universities , research institutes and training agencies. They participate business activities held by local Chinese and enterprises in order to  expand our influence and collect related information.

aim at company developing strategy:

We meet important clients and show them around European enterprises to learn local culture. We provide infoamation for company to set next goal,aiming on strategies and referring to European developing system. And we also assistant with overseas investment and foreign elites introduction to involve them in company operation and technology guidance.