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Xinzhu’s Self-made Tram Awarded First Certificate in China By CRCC

Jul 31, 2019   //   News

China’s first Urban Rail and Equipment Conformity Assessment Certificate awarding ceremony, which was ratified by China Railway Test & Certification Center Limited (CRCC), was held in Xinzhu Corporate’s headquarter on July 30th, 2019 in Chengdu, China. CRCC’s executive director Yue Liu, urban design business directorChao Sun, deputy stationmaster of vehicle inspection station Jian Huang, deputy director of Railway Department of Chengdu Sha Liu, Xinzhu’s president Guanghui Xiao, vice president Kemin Feng, CEO Yonglin Yang and other managerial directors participated in the ceremony.


During the ceremony, CRCC’s executive director Mr. Yue Liu awarded the Urban Rail and Equipment Conformity Assessment Certificateto Xinzhu’s vice president Mr. Kemin Feng for its self-made tram, which is the first certificate CRCC awarded for tram program in domestic China.

Xinzhu submitted application to CRCC for their 100% low floor tram conformity certificate in April 2017, and its XZD100-1 type of 100% low floor tram, which is with fully independent intellectual property rights, passed certification of CRCC’s approval standardand received CRCC’s first Urban Rail and Equipment Conformity Assessment Certificatein July 2019. This is Xinzhu’s another certificate awarded by CRCC since Xinzhu’s embedded rail technique certified in 2016.

Xinzhu’s XZD100-1 type of 100% low floor tram was the first urban rail transit vehicles that passed through conformity assessment certification of CRCC in domestic China. The certification award represented the capability of Xinzhu’s entire model experiment, essential components test and on-site factory quality inspection. The certification proved outstanding function and reliable quality of Xinzhu’s tram, representing the mature capability of Xinzhu’s self-search, design and manufactory on modern tram as well. The certification illuminated the preparation and determination of Xinzhu to initiate their next step of entering market, which would ground the long-term development of Xinzhu’s tram industry in the future.


CRCC’s First Urban Rail and Equipment Conformity Assessment Certificate in Domestic China

During the ceremony, CRCC’s executive director Mr. Yue Liu and deputy director of Railway Department of Chengdu Ms. Sha Liu delivered speech. Mr. Liu applauded the concept of product certification held by Xinzhu Corporate, congratulating Xinzhu Corporate for receiving the very first certificate of modern tram in domestic China. He hoped Xinzhu could impulse the marketization and commercialization of this product, taking opportunity in domestic urban transit system and “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Deputy director Ms. Liu thanked Mr. Liu and other leaders from CCRC for supporting conformity assessment application of Xinzhu Corporate, congratulating once again for Xinzhu’s award.


CRCC’s executive director Mr. Yue Liu delivered speech


Deputy director of Railway Department of Chengdu Ms. Sha Liu delivered speech

During the ceremony, Xinzhu’s president Mr. Guanghui Xiao thanked director Mr. Yue Liu and other leaders from CRCC and Railway Department of Chengdu for their support of Xinzhu’s product conformity assessment certification. Mr. Xiao expressed Xinzhu’s motto “innovation, creativity, tolerance, cooperation”, emphasizing Xinzhu’s top priorities of “create value for clients, create value for partners, create value for enterprise”, aiming to prior product’s quality and service’s effectiveness, trying to provide clients with more comfortable, more convenient, more eco-friendly transportation in urban railways and making lives’ quality in cities better.

Picture 1

Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Guanghui Xiao delivered speech

80-ton Super Capacitor Locomotive Officially Invested in “One Belt, One Road” Construction

Jul 4, 2019   //   News, Products


The 80-ton supercapacitor locomotive of China Railway Machinery Institute was formally invested in the construction of the S2 section of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh.


The 80-ton locomotive consisting of the difficulty of the research and manufacture of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel Project by China Railway Machinery Institute applies the high-energy 92kWh super capacitor system independently developed by Shanghai Aowei Technology Co., Ltd. as the traction power supply. By driving the inverter to drive the traction motor, the latest designed locomotive is more energy-efficient and the efficiency of the energy recovery system is also improved. It is suitable for difference in height lines. The transportation inside the tunnel is more environmentally friendly than the internal combustion engine and lithium battery vehicle and is also safer to use.


It is understood that the construction project of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh is the main project in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and an important part of the China-Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor. The implementation of the project will improve the highway network of Asia, promoting Bangladesh and its surrounding areas, which is of great significance to promote national connectivity is of Bangladesh and its neighbors.

Asian Technique to Escort European Event

Jun 19, 2019   //   News


The second European Games will be held in Minsk on June 21stto June 30th, 2019.


As a four-year European event, more than 4,000 athletes from 50 countries in Europe participated in the tournament. A large number of event spectators and tourists will pour into Minsk to enjoy the event. The super capacitor electric city buses in Minsk will provide the most comfortable transportation experience for the guests during the event.


Just after the Spring Festival in 2019, engineers from both China and Belarus began to fully prepare for the guarantee of the European Event. Minsk City expanded the parking lot particularly for super capacitor buses. During the event, there will be more than 80 super capacitor buses running in city, taking passengers to every competition venues with Minsk’s most popular bus routes in an environmentally friendly, quiet and comfortable way.


This European Event is an important international event for Belarus to enhance the image of the country. For Aowei and its super capacitor electric city buses, it is also the commercial operation with the most domestic and foreign vehicles. Aowei vows to maintain the international reputation products labeled “Made in China”, and to use the best Asian technology to escort the European event, adding a bright Chinese feature to Minsk City in this summer.


Aowei’s Super Capacitor Vehicle Supports Energy Cluster Annual Conference in Denmark

Jun 11, 2019   //   News, Products

On June 11th, 2019, the pure electric super capacitor bus jointly developed by Shanghai Aowei, Chariot Motors and Suzhou Jinlong was officially opened for trial operation in Aalborg, Denmark. The demonstration line runs from the airport to Aalborg University with 24 km distance through the Aalborg city center, which needs only 8 minutes to be charged at the airport to meet the back and forth line conditions. It is also the first new energy bus in the historic city of Aalborg, the port city of northern Denmark on the Jutland Peninsula and the capital of Nordjylland, one of the oldest cities in Denmark built in 1342 A.D.


At the same time, the Energy Cluster 2019 Annual Conference was held in Aalborg. Representatives from the European Union tried to get to the venue by super capacitor bus, which provided good experience from this comfortable and environmentally friendly new energy bus. The delegation of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology participated in the opening ceremony of the super capacitor bus line. Under the attention of the EU representatives at the same time, Aowei Technical Company in Denmark, Nordic Center of the National Engineering Center, Shanghai Science and Technology Association Party Secretary Xingfa Ma and Mayor of Aalborg Larsen unveiled the plate together. It is a remarkable step forward during the internationalization process of Aowei Technical Company. In order to contribute to the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative, Aowei will work hard to contribute to global ecological civilization. Congratulations to Aowei and Aalborg.



On the same day, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Aowei, Tongji University, etc. were invited to participate in the conference. The theme of this conference is: “Intellectual Energy under Intelligent City”. Around this theme, Secretary Ma, Shanghai Aowei’s Mr. Hua Li and Professor Zhuoping Yu of Tongji University made wonderful speeches at the conference, reviewing the history of cooperation between Shanghai and Aalborg, and proposed exploring various possibilities for future development prospects. The conference also invited professors from well-known Nordic universities like Aalborg University and Danish Technical University to make special reports. Both China and Europe presented their research results on this international stage.

The meeting was hosted by Ms. Lykke Friis, who is the former minister of Energy Minstry of Denmark. At the meeting, Mr. Thomas Kastrup Larsen, Mayor of Aalborg, and Mr. Xingfa Ma, Secretary of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, jointly held the opening ceremony for Shanghai Aowei Nordic Company and the Super Capacitor Nordic Sub-center. Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Aowei Technology Nordic Company and Aowei Super Capacitor Nordic Research and Development Center were formally established.

Aowei Technology’s supercapacitor technology will bring new vitality to the leisurely old town in Northern Europe, which will make her more beautiful, and further enhance the friendship between Shanghai and Aalborg.



Secretary Peng in Israel for Xinzhu’s Super Capacitor Bus Inspection

May 30, 2019   //   News

Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Qinghua Peng and following delegates departed for Tel Aviv, Israel on May 28th, 2019. The may purpose of Secretary Peng and his delegates is to inspect the operation condition of super capacitor bus program, which was initiated and promoted by Xinzhu Coporate’s sub branch company, Shanghai Aowei Technical Company in Israel. Party secretary of Sichuan Development and director Fengzhao Wang, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Guanghui Xiao, president of Shanghai Aowei Technical Company Li Hua, and CEO Omar Zohaof Israelis partner company PANDAN Senior Traffic Company participated together with the inspection.


Secretary Peng’s inspection visit to DAN Public Transportation Company

Secretary Peng’s first stop was Israelis partner company, DAN Public Transportation Company. Delegates from DAN Public Transportation Company introduced to Secretary Peng about their company’s history, presenting the exhibition of first bus collected in Israel made by DAN Public Transportation Company, reporting the Route 4 buses running conditions in Tel Aviv. All buses were self-researched by Shanghai Aowei Technical Company, which belongs to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate, applying world-leading techniques on super capacitor and new energy.


Secretary Peng’s trial drive on Israelis first bus, made by DAN Public Transportation Company

Later, Secretary Peng and his delegates took ride on the super capacitor bus. President Wang reported Shanghai Aowei Technical Company’s general progress and plan to Secretary Peng when on board, including super capacitor’s innovative application in Israel, new energy market expansion, output industry technical standards, self-developed patents, and potential European Union market expansion and integrated transit industry plan for the future.


Secretary Peng had a trial drive on the super capacitor bus of Route 4 in Tel Aviv


President Wang reported the condition of super capacitor application and innovation in Israel.

Secretary Peng applauded for the application and promotion of China’s self-developing patents and techniques in Israel, thanking Israelis partners for their long-term supporting and putting trust on China’s techniques. He said: “I’m very happy to see this program succeeded.”


Secretary Peng and his delegates visited DAN Public Transportation Company

Shanghai Aowei Technical Company, which is a sub branch company belonging to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate, initiated their plan of expanding Israelis market since 2012. They have made significant progress in promotion. They have provided 36 series of service, including super capacitor bus transit systems, charging stations and maintenance etc., Route 4 city bus operation testing with super capacitor establishment, and 3 more routes with 50 buses with super capacitor in this year. Secretary Peng’s inspecting route this time is route 4, which locates in the area of Gold Beach in Tel Aviv with 13 km distance of way and back, 19 stops in total. Every bus contains GPRS vehicle location and background monitoring and dispatching system.



Aowei Technical Company’s super capacitor bus drives on the street in Israel

Foreign affairs director of Sichuan Province Zhiwei Cui, deputy director Tao Zhang, vice secretary-general of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Jianjun Wang, Research and Development Committee director Bo Fan, Technical Department director Dong Liu, Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Chibin Lu, PANDAN Senior Traffic Company’s manager Rironnie Ben Josephand DAN Public Transportation Company’s vice manager Irie Ceitler participated together with the inspection.

Guanggu Super Capacitor Trams Taken Over 10 Million Passengers

May 7, 2019   //   News


Since the trial operation was opened on April 1st, 2018 to May 4th, 2019, Guanggu’s super capacitor trams have accumulated 399 days of operation, with a total mileage of 1,865,514 kilometers, and the total passenger traffic has exceeded 10 million.




As the world’s first long-distance, non-touch, net super capacitor modern tram, Guanggu Tram has attracted the attention of international railways transit giants since its birth. It is moving forward surrounding by questions and doubt all the time. Modern tram line and vehicle segment of Guanggu innovatively use super capacitor power supply, setting up charging piles in stations and depots along the line and making full use of Aowei high-energy super capacitors to store large power, endurance, no need for charging station. With the world-class energy storage technology, Guanggu solved the issues of safe operation in operation line climbing, maximum station spacing, air conditioning power, road junction traffic, overall operating mileage, etc., becoming a beautiful urban landscape along the East Lake.


For 20 years, Aowei employees have insisted on interpreting the understanding of “innovation” and have the courage to face all doubts and setbacks, because we firmly believe that sweat will eventually bloom the most beautiful flowers, adhere to technical confidence, the super capacitor system will bring new green bus power to more and more cities. We also sincerely hope to have the opportunity to reproduce the super capacitor energy storage drive in Shanghai’s Lingang and Chongming’s modern trams.


Xinzhu & CEC Signed Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Agreement Expand Jointly in New Railways & Transportation Market

Mar 27, 2019   //   News

President of China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CEC) Shoubing Li and his delegated paid a visit to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate on March 27th, 2019. Both sides had productive communication about cooperation and joint market expansion. They reached agreement and signed Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Agreementbased on consensuses of “shared information, mutual complementary, pragmatic cooperation, joint development” about potential new railways and transportation market. Deputymanager of Sichuan Development Yigang Zhang attended the meeting and witnessed the signing ceremony.


Picture 1: Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Signing Ceremony

President Li and his delegates first visited Xinzhu Corporate’s manufactory base. Xinzhu’s president Guanghui Xiao introduced the current advertising and promotion progress of company’s new railways and transportation market’s overall arrangement. Xinzhu’s CEO Yonglin Yang introduced the current progress of research and development of techniques, applications and marketing promotion, with aspects of embedded railways, suspended monorail and embedded HSST etc.


Picture 2: President Li visited manufacturing base of Xinzhu Corporate

President Li gave credit to Xinzhu’s development capability, technical level, manufacturing capability and producing dimension on railways and transportation industry, applauding that the performance of Xinzhu is higher than expectation. President Li also pointed out that Xinzhu has clear strategic foresight on new railways and transportation industry, especially put it in priority of development by importing German company Max Bögl’s embedded HSST. President Li said CEC would implement their advantages to work with Xinzhu in order to customize products and reduce manufacturing cost, enhancing their developing sustainability in railways and transportation industry. In the mean time, CEC would combine their technical advantages in planning and designing and engineering procurement construction (EPC) and Sichuan Development’s capital advantage, formulating cooperative effect to increase competitive capability of market expansion in railways and transportation industry.


Picture 3: CEC’s President Li delivered speech

Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Yigang Zhang supported the strategic cooperation between CEC and Xinzhu Corporate on his company’s behalf. Mr. Zhang said that Xinzhu Corporate has become a strategic investing object of Sichuan Development, which has been listed as top 10 worthy investing enterprises. Therefore, they would provide support in capital investment, management and market expansion.


Picture 4: Deputy manager Yigang Zhang delivered speech

Manager of Managerial Department of Sichuan Development Yueneng Yang, Marketing Director Wu Nong, General Manager of CEC’s Southwest Regional Hongtao Chen, CEC’s Design Product Center Director Dianhua Cui, CEC’s Sichuan Branch Dean Chenfeng Li, CEC’s Sichuan Branch Vice President Yuan He, Secretary Dong Wang and other leaders and VIP guests, and Vice President Kemin Feng, Chief Financial Officer Xiuying Jia, Deputy CEO Yang Zhang, Deputy CEO Bin Wang, Institute of Technology Research Dean Ting Wang, Assistant to the president Qiang Lu, Deputy Director of Technology Department and Director of Intelligent Control Institute Xirong Zhao and other company leaders participated in the above activities.


Picture 5: Group of Leaders and VIP Guests


Super Capacitor Bus Enters Macedonia

Nov 14, 2018   //   News, Products


Recently, the super capacitor bus developing by China entered Skopje, the largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. The first five super capacitor buses arriving at the port were jointly built by Aowei andHager Bus, indicating the further entry of Macedonia’s bus into a new stage of green and environmental protection.


Macedonia is the seventh European country after Israel, Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia and Belarus to enter. The safe, reliable and green high-energy super capacitor electric city bus has been accepted and appreciated by more and more countries. Germany, Italy, Australia, Norway and other countries are also negotiating with Aowei to import the super capacitor bus demonstration line. The employees of Aowei will draw a flowing green landscape on the streets in more cities in the future.

Super Capacitor Electric City Bus Drives into Italy

Nov 13, 2018   //   News, Products


Remember the Hagrid E12 super capacitor electric city bus that debuted at the Belgian Bus Exhibition in 2017? The pure electric city bus applied with Siemens and Aowei super capacitor system is faster to charge, the whole vehicle is lighter, the service life is longer, and the safety is more secure. Therefore, many fans were captured in the exhibition.


Recently, this shining bus entered the port city of La Spezia in northern Italy, initiating the demonstration operation of the super capacitor electric city bus in Italy. The internationalization of the super capacitor electric city bus operation system will be better and better.


Opening Ceremony of VDB’s Office in China Held in Chengdu

Oct 24, 2018   //   News


The opening ceremony of Railway Industry Association in Germany (German: Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland, VDB)’s office in China, which was supported by Xinzhu Corporate, was successfully held in Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing Park in Tianfu New Area, Chengdu.

Leaders and VIP guests from Xinjin County, VDB and Xinzhu Corporate participated the opening ceremony, including county party secretary Hua Tang, deputy secretary Jingyuan Zhong and other leaders from Xinjin County and related departments; council general of Germany in Chengdu Von Rimscha, president of VDB Volker Schenk, senior advisor Pro. Peter Mnich and other delegates from VDB; Xinzhu Corporate’s CEO Yonglin Yang, technical chief inspector Jishi Hu and Doc. Yuanfei Shi etc. Secretary Tang and President Schenk together unveiled the nameplate.


Railway Industry Association in Germany(German: Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland, VDB) was found in 1877 and has over 140 years of developing history, which is national and world top rank industrial union made and formulated by all railways and transportation enterprises in Germany, including transit system and equipment manufactory, related service providing and research and development etc. The association has not only contained world-known and famous manufacturing enterprises, but also various kinds of medium and small-size enterprises. In current age, VDB does not only list native German enterprises, but also non-native enterprises that have business in Germany.

In May 2018, VDB officially established “VDB’s Office in China”, naming senior advisor Pro. Mnich as chief representative, naming Doc. Yuanfei Shi as chief representative from China, coordinating all business related to China. This indicated the official initiative of VDB’s “Full-scale Business in China”.


VDB delegation inspected Xinzhu’s railways and equipment manufacturing base, and they had productive meeting with the leaders of Xinzhu Corporate. The delegation gave credit to the progress that Xinzhu had made on the plan and implementation of railways and transportation, hoping the cooperation between China and Germany would be more productive in the future. The delegation wished the implementation of “embedded HSST transit system” and other cooperated programs to be achieved.