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Xinzhu’s New Production Center Opened in Belarus

Aug 31, 2018   //   News

August 29th, 2018, production operation and off-line promotion opening ceremony of Chengdu Xinzhu Aowei’s super capacitor research and production center was successfully held at 16:30 local time in “China-Belarus Industrial Park” in Minsk Region, Belarus. Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu became the first high-tech producing enterprise with fully independent intellectual property rights of China, which was also the first enterprise completing manufacturing process in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”.


Secretary of Chengdu City Party Committee Mr. Ruiping Fan, China to Belarus Ambassador Mr. Qiming Cui, deputy director of Belarus’ economy department Mr. Tusevich, deputy manager of China-Belarus Industrial Park Mr. Igri, general manager of joint venture companies in China-Belarus Industrial Park Mr. Haixin Li and other 100 representatives from both countries paid visit to Xinzhu Aowei’s products inside the industrial park, including production workshop inside the industrial park, remote monitoring room of super capacitor city buses and 12-meter super capacitor bus product, which was developed and produced by Chengdu Xinzhu, Shanghai Aowei and BKM Company. All representatives participated the production operation and off-line promotion opening ceremony of Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu Corporate’s production in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”.




Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Guanghui Xiao addressed in the opening ceremony, reviewing the developing process of Xinzhu Corporate’s involvement in building production programs in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”, giving positive comment on company’s progress in programs in “China-Belarus Industrial Park” and wished the future success of Chengdu Xinzhu, Shanghai Aowei and BKM’s cooperation. Deputy director of Belarus’ economy department Mr. Tusevichaddressed in the ceremony as well. He pointed out that “China-Belarus Industrial Park” is an important platform for promoting “One Belt, One Road” Initiative, which is strategically significant for bilateral relationship, and Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu’s program is a perfect example of enterprises’ cooperation from both countries.




After the speech, Secretary Mr. Ruiping Fan, Ambassador Mr. Qiming Cui, Deputy Director Mr. Tusevich, Deputy Manager Mr. Igri, Manager Mr. Haixin Li and President Mr. Guanghui Xiao cut the ribbon for the success of opening ceremony.


The floor area of Chengdu Xinzhu Aowei’s super capacitor research and production center is around 11000 m2, and factory building’s area is 1800 m2. The phase 1 project will contain functions of assembly manufacturing of super capacitor, inspection, maintenance and after-sale service etc., formulating annual producing capacity of one million monocases in different types, 300 integrated components for different systems and satisfying 300 super capacitor buses’ demand of supplying support. The estimated annual output value could be 30 million USD. Next step, Xinzhu Corporate would regard “China-Belarus Industrial Park” as a starting point, expanding regional new energy transportation markets in CIS, EU and Eurasian Economic Union.

Sichuan Development, Xinzhu Corporate, Shanghai Aowei and BKM Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jul 5, 2018   //   News

Sichuan Development’s deputy CEO Mr. Yigang Zhang, assistant to deputy CEO and manager of financing and managerial department Mr. Keke Liu, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Zhiming Huang, deputy CEO Mr. Xiaofeng Du, Shanghai Aowei’s president Mr. Hua Li visited Belarus and participated Belkommunmash (BKM)’s 45thanniversary event of establishment, which is a project partner with Xinzhu Corporate in “One Belt, One Road” Initiative’s China-Belarus Industrial Park. Vice Premier Shemashenko, Minsk Mayor Sauritzand BKM’s manager Mr. Karlalso participated in the event.

During the event, BKM introduced the 18-meter and 12-meter new super capacitor bus, which was developed with Xinzhu Corporate and Shanghai Aowei’s cooperation, to government officials of Belarus and other guests from 13 countries. The effectiveness of promotion was positive.


Sichuan Development’s deputy director Mr. Yigang Zhang, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Zhiming Huang, Shanghai Aowei’s president Mr. Hua Li and BKM manager Mr. Karl signed the strategic cooperation agreement, witnessed by Vice Premier Shemashenko. Shanghai Aowei, BKM and AXIS from India signed strategic cooperation agreement about market expansion in India, witnessed by Vice Premier Shemashenko.


After signing ceremony, Vice Premier Shamashenko met with Mr. Zhang, Mr. Huang, Mr. Du, Mr. Li and Mr. Karl. Vice Premier Shamashenko applauded for the cooperation between China’s company and BKM in super capacitor bus development. He expected to see all parties cooperate in other areas, expand market range, research and develop more products with quality and techniques, and make better economic benefit.


During dinner party, Mr. Zhang addressed on behalf of Sichuan Development, Xinzhu Corporate and Shanghai Aowei, congratulating 45thanniversary of BKM’s establishment, hoping all parties would have bright future in cooperation, including new energy city bus, tram, super capacitor and embedded track.



Xinzhu’s Build-in HSST Test Line Foundation Stone Officially Laid

Jun 6, 2018   //   News

In order to speed up the development of the rail transit industry, and to do the best job to introduce, absorb, digest and re-innovate the build-in HSST, the foundation of the first build-in HSST test line in China, which is in Xinzhu Corporate’s construction of the railway transportation equipment production base, was officially laid on the morning of June 6th, 2018.


Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Mr. Yigang Zhang and other leaders, Xinjin County’s deputy country mayor Mr. Ke Wei and other leaders, Doc. Schmidt, German Consul General in Chengdu, leaders from Railways and Transit Department of Chengdu, leaders from Second Institute of China Railway and China High-speed Railway and other strategic cooperation units, President Stefan Bögl and his technical delegation, build-in HSST partner from Germany, President Zhiming Huang, Vice President Kemin Feng and all leaders from management and departments and representatives of employees participated the foundation laying ceremony. The ceremony was held by Xinzhu Corporate’s CEO Mr. Yonglin Yang.

In March 2018, Xinzhu Corporate officially signed a technology licensing agreement with Max Bögl, the world leader in HSST, to fully introduce the world’s super-class full set of essential technologies in build-in HSST, including vehicles, track beams, signals, control and system integration. The test line will be built using this world-class build-in HSST. The build-in HSST is a technical and economic indicator that Max Bögl Company has developed over the years, and now it has leading position on build-in HSST’s several aspects, including comprehensiveness, comfort, construction cost and operation and maintenance cost. Xinzhu Corporate will cooperate with Max Bögl to innovate based on current technology. The research and development operation speed ranges from 80km/h to 200km/h, and the transportation capacity ranges from 5,000 people/h to 50,000 people/h, covering the underground, above-ground, inner city, urban and suburban areas. Xinzhu Corporate will try to contribute to the 100% localization of the above products and the subsequent research and development service, and Max Bögl will jointly complete the industrial chain of the new generation of railways and transportation system in Sichuan and Chengdu.


The test line starts from the east side of the Xinzhu Corporate’s railways transit equipment production base and ends at the south side of the Xingwu 4thRoad and the Second Ring Highway intersection. It mainly runs along the Xingwu 4thRoad from south to north, with a total length of 4500 meters. The products could meet the demand of a designed speed of 80-200 km/h, a one-way hourly flow of 5000-50,000 people, straight-line driving, acceleration and deceleration, maximum slope, maximum roll angle, minimum turning radius, maximum speed and signal system, power supply system and automatic driving assistant system. The full-featured test and verification of the driving system, as well as the all-weather, high-performance, full-load, trouble-free, continuous operation, commercial operation demonstration, so the line will be the longest, fastest and most complete maglev test line in China.

Xinzhu Corporate will strive to complete the first phase of the test line construction in June 2019, trying to meet the demand of operation demonstration with a speed of 160km per hour, and to pass the international third-party certification. Xinzhu Corporate will strive to complete the construction of the test line in 2020 and meet the demand of commercial simulation operation demonstration with a speed of 200km per hour. After the test line is completed and implemented, it will fully demonstrate the super-class market coverage capability of the build-in HSST (super-iron), super-class technical performance advantages, super-class life-cycle cost competitive advantage and commercial operation advantages, and 100% localization, which will be of great significance for occupying the leading position of the world urban railways transit technology, occupying the vast urban rail transit market, and promoting the leading development of the rail transit industry in Sichuan and Chengdu.


President Zhiming Huang of Xinzhu Corporate said in his speech that the build-in HSST is the world’s super-class urban railways transit system and will lead the future development. The company will thoroughly implement the requirements from the province, city and county to vigorously develop the railways transit industry. While fully introducing and mastering the essential technology of the build-in HSST, the company will build an integrated platform for traffic system research and development, display, promotion through the test line construction, and will accelerate the modification of the industry, market promotion and application, and quickly seize the leading position of the development in the global HSST competition.

President Stefan Bögl introduced the development process of the build-in HSST and the world’s leading system advantages, as well as the unique advantages of the system operation without the impact of snow and ice. Mr. Bögl said he was very happy and honored that Max Bögl’s technique will be imported to China, and he was convinced that Max Bögl has found their most correct and reliable partner in China, which is Xinzhu Corporate. In the future, Max Bögl will work together with Xinzhu Corporate to speed up the construction of pilot lines and project cooperation, so that the vehicles riding on the build-in HSST can ride on the test line with speed of 160 km/h as soon as possible, which will be the start of heading for a vast Chinese market.

Dr. Schmidt said in his speech that Xinzhu Corporate, as a Chinese company visited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has become increasingly close and deep in exchanges and cooperation with Germany. He sincerely hoped that the build-in HSST project jointly promoted by Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl will be successful in China, and the comprehensive test line built in Chengdu will be completed soon.

Deputy manager of Sichuan Development Mr. Yigang Zhang expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful cooperation and the foundation laying of the build-in HSST test line project of cooperation between Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl. He hoped that Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl can Further strengthen the foundation of cooperation and accomplish the world’s leading build-in HSST production industry as soon as possible.

Deputy Country Mayor Mr. Ke Wei, said in his speech that Xinjin is one of the “two bases” in the “one school, one headquarters and two bases” of the Chengdu railways transit industry. In recent years, the railways transit industry has developed rapidly and formed a large number of important enterprises supporting rail transit industry development with leading enterprises like Xinzhu Corporate.The construction of HSST test line of the cooperation between Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl company started marking a new stage of cooperation between the two parties. He hoped that Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl will accelerate the construction of the project and achieve leapfrog development through strong alliances and strong support from Sichuan Development.


Finally, Secretary Zhang, Deputy County Mayor Mr. Wei, Manager Ms. Peng Yu, Dr. Schmidt, President Mr. Bögl, President Mr. Huang, Vice President Mr. Feng, CEO Mr. Yang, Pro. Mnich, and Pro. Bert Zamzow laid the foundation for the project together.

Xinzhu Corporate Shares Transferred to Sichuan Development

Apr 24, 2018   //   News

On April 12, Xinzhu Corporate and Sichuan Development held a signing ceremony on Xinzhu’s share transfer agreement in Chengdu, Sichuan. Sichuan Development agreed to acquire 16% of the shares held by Xinzhu Group and became the controlling shareholder of Xinzhu Corporate.

Deputy governor of the Sichuan Yuxing Peng, deputy director of the Standing Committee Guangzhi Chen, secretary of Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Jin Xu witnessed the signing testimony; Sichuan Development, Xinjin County Government, Xinzhu Corporate and the company’s other leaders attended the signing ceremony.


The railways transit industry has a high technological content and a wide range of driving factors. It is a strategic emerging industry that the state strongly supports economic development. It is also one of the ten essential areas of development that is clearly defined in Made in China 2025. Sichuan Province will focus on the development of the railways transit industry, and will take the modern tram system, the second-generation HSST system, and the new railways transit system as the guiding direction, striving to build Sichuan Province into an “industry-led, world-class” railways transit industry altitude.

As a listed company, the company has been engaged in research and development production and sales of rail transit, engineering components, new energy vehicles and super capacitors for many years. Among them, engineering components and supercapacitors are in the leading position within the industry; the urban railways transit industry, which is developing vigorously, has introduced the world-class new generation of HSST systems from Germany’s Max Bögl, which will provide important support for Xinzhu’s subsequent development.


Mr. Xu pointed out in his speech that Sichuan Development and Xinzhu Corporate signed an equity transfer agreement, which is a strong alliance between provincial state-owned enterprise and private enterprise, which is conductive to promote provincial state-owned enterprises to deepen reform, transformation and development. Mr. Xu expressed that we can give full play to the respective advantages of both sides and jointly promote the development of the modern railways transit industry in our province, strengthen and expand, and enhance the support of the province’s industrial development. He hoped that the two sides will uphold the principle of mutual benefit, win-win and coordinated development, and take advantage of Sichuan’s development policies, resources, capital, scale effect, etc., as well as the advantages of the flexible construction system, strong technical strength and rich operational experience of the new construction group, and stimulate the vitality and creation of both enterprises, in order to achieve complementary advantages and common development, and to become a living force to promote economic transformation and upgrade, and to achieve high-quality development.

President of Sichuan Development Fengchao Wang, and Xinzhu Corporate’s president Zhiming Huang delivered remarks on behalf of both signing representatives.


President Fengchao Wang said in his speech that Sichuan Development is a state-owned capital operation platform for the financial support, industrial investment guidance and enterprise reform and development of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It is responsible to lead the development of strategic industries, new economic support and new kinetic energy. Based on the good prospects for the development of the railways transit industry and Xinzhu Corporate, Sichuan Development will acquire Xinzhu Corporate’s shares and will actively use its own resources to help the development of Xinzhu Corporate, becoming an example of Sichuan in leading enterprise in domestic competition and world-class benchmarking enterprise in the railways transit industry.


President Zhiming Huang said in his speech that Xinzhu Corporate has long been committed to the public transportation industry. With the support and help of local governments and partners at all levels, after more than a decade of development, it has formed a full core competitiveness in research and development, manufacturing and production of public transportation products, system integration and life cycle services, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the company. The successful signing will strongly promote the rapid growth of Xinzhu Corporate, through the effective integration of Sichuan’s resource platform and the advantages of the new construction industry.

After this acquisition, taking Xinzhu as an important platform for the development of railways transit industry, taking a new generation of HSST system as an important starting point, both sides will build a multi-standard product chain with international competitiveness and high performance, seize the leading position of the development in new-type railways transit industry, and accelerate promoting the leading development of the Sichuan railways transportation industry.

Sichuan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued a written document approving to the transfer of the shares on April 20th, 2018.

Xinzhu & Max Bögl Signed New Generation HSST Licensing Agreement

Mar 21, 2018   //   News

On March 15, 2018, Xinzhu Corporate and the Germany’s Max Bögl Group signed the Technical License Agreement for Max Bögl’s Maglev Transportation Systemin Sengenthal, Germany. Xinzhu Corporate will fully introduce the core technology of the new generation of HSST system with international leading level and try to achieve localization.


Due to the serious air pollution and traffic congestion in large and medium-sized cities in China, the demand for urban railways transit market is huge. However, existing urban railways transit solutions are with high cost, and the market urgently demands low-cost solutions under the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, including lower construction costs and operational maintenance costs. This is the development direction pointed out by the market for the supply side of urban railways transit with high quality. With the continuous advancement and maturity of science and technology, the application range of HSST system becomes wider and wider, and the performance becomes higher and higher. It has been widely recognized by the industry and the market, and widely regarded by the industry as the mainstream of the future development direction of urban railways transit. Therefore, many countries in the world such as Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China are striving to seize the leading position of technological development.

It has gathered the world’s top experts, has 50 years of research foundation, and has been researched and developed over 8 years. It has been tested, verified and optimized in the test line for more than 70,000 kilometers in 6 years, and will pass strict third-party international certification to ensure the system is safe and reliable.

Max Bögl is a leading company in the German railway infrastructure industry, the main technology transfer of China’s high-speed rail infrastructure, one of the world’s earliest maglev traffic advocates and practitioners, and the main technology transfer and supporter of Shanghai Maglev Transportation, participating in all the magnetic floating traffic foundations in the world. Facilities construction. Max Bögl brings together top experts from the world’s leading companies such as the German National Maglev Center, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp. Based on 50 years of research on magnetic floating traffic technology, the company has integrated high-speed solutions for the problems of low-speed magnetic floating in the world. The technical concept of maglev transportation adopts a new in-line structure, which has been developed into a new generation of medium and HSST system. The system has been tested, verified and optimized on the test line for 6 years, safely and reliably running more than 70,000 kilometers, forming a complete set of technologies including vehicle, track, control and system integration. Therefore, conditions of promoting the technique to the market is mature. Partial system has passed the third-party certification of the German Federal Railways (German: Deutsche Bahn AG) and will seek to pass the third-party comprehensive certification of the German Federal Railways by the end of 2018.


Leading technology, wide application, high cost performance, and possessing the absolute advantage of leading position of the world’s maglev transportation, it will bring revolutionary changes to the development of urban railways transit.

Max Bögl’s new generation of HSST system has achieved breakthrough outcomes in terms of overall efficiency, speed grade, acceleration capability, passenger capacity, magnetic radiation, noise control, and limit size, and comprehensively surpass all HSST systems around the world. The maglev transportation system has reached the international leading level and had breakthrough restricting the development of HSST system. It can be widely used in urban rail transit market of about 90% of elevated light rail, urban fast track, short-distance intercity and underground track. Maglev transportation system as underground traffic system will be first applied in China, and it will bring huge economic and social benefits. Max Bögl’s new generation of HSST system has obvious cost-effective competitive advantages compared with the systems currently in use in the above market segments. While improving transportation capacity and ensuring higher safety and reliability, it can greatly reduce construction and operation cost. The cost protection has brought substantial changes to the development of urban railways transit system, and it will become the vane of the development of HSST transportation in the world, leading the future development direction of urban railways transit.

The comprehensive introduction and local industrialization of Max Bögl’s new HSST transportation system is of great significance to promote the development of the urban railways transit industry in Sichuan and Chengdu.

China’s urban railways transit has experienced a rapid growth trend. According to the statistics of the China Urban Railways Transit Association, until of the end of 2017, the operating mileage has reached 5021.7 kilometers. It is estimated that the new mileage will exceed 10,000 kilometers in the next decade, and the potential market space is huge. Max Bögl’s new generation of magnetic floating traffic system has obvious competitive advantages, such as technology leadership, safety and reliability, wide application and high cost-effective performance. The development prospect is very bright. Xinzhu Corporate will accelerate the completion of the new generation of low-speed magnetic floating traffic system of Max Bögl, and jointly develop series products with Max Bögl, universities, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, relevant units and enterprises, including one-way hourly passenger flow to 35,000; railways transit system with a speed of 120 km/h; a city traffic system with a speed of 160 km/h and a short-distance intercity transport system of 200 km/h; and a maglev subway system with a one-way hourly cross-section of more than 45,000 passengers. In order to reach the 90% urban rail transit market. As a leading enterprise in the rail transit industry of the province and the city, Xinzhu Corporate will cooperate with the relevant units and enterprises in the railways transit field of the province to achieve 100% local industrialization of the whole industrial chain and whole-system manufacturing of Max Bögl’s new-generation HSST system, seizing the world’s leading position in the development of maglev industry, and striving to create another national-level business card after the high-speed rail in the railways transit industry. The development of railways transit system will also create huge economic and social benefits, achieving the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of Xinzhu Corporate, and promoting Sichuan Province’s “Industry-led, international first-class” and the industrial goal of “leading the world’s railways transit advanced technology development direction” in Chengdu. This will make new and greater contributions to the development of China’s urban railways transit industry.

China-Belarus’ Cooperated Super Capacitor Bus Runs 18,000 KM

Sep 8, 2017   //   News, Products

The bright yellow super capacitor electric city bus added a beautiful landscape to the city of Minsk, Belarus. Route 43, Route 59’s all 18-meter super capacitor electric city buses are traveling through the city streets and alleys.

The drivers of Minsk Bus Company praised these buses as a model of China’s technological integration of innovation and localization. The failure rate of the super capacitor system from Shanghai Automotive Company is extremely low. The project has reached 18,000 kilometers since the passenger boarding running in May.


Aowei and its employees use their wisdom and sweat to write the story of “One Belt, One Road” Initiative to help build a global green public transportation system.



Aowei Participated 8th International Super Capacitor Exhibition in Shanghai, China

Aug 3, 2017   //   News


On August 23rd, 2017 in Shanghai, the three-day China (Shanghai) International Super Capacitor Industry Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers in super capacitors and related industries attended the exhibition.

As a leading company in the domestic supercapacitor industry, Shanghai Aowei’s E3E4125 pavilion attracted many visitors. Aowei’s technical elites introduced the latest super capacitor technology and the most advanced fast charging technology to guests at the exhibition.

With the development of super capacitors in fields of automobiles, elevators, railways transit etc., Aowei will work with partners to explore the market potential of super capacitors, jointly describing the future of super capacitors.


External Sightseeing of the Exhibition


Crowded Guests in Aowei’s Pavilion


Sales Chief Inspector Chen Interviewed by CCTV


Fast Charging Technology


Answering Questions

The Belt and Road Initiative Forum

Jul 27, 2015   //   News

On July 20th, 2015, Prof. Mr. Zhao jinping from Development Research Center of the state council hold a report in regarding of strategic thought of “Belt and Road Initiative”, arrangement as well as the change and mechanisms of participating of Sichuan province.

During the meeting, Mr. Du Xiaofeng from Xinzhu Corporation shares investment experience of the company XINZHU in the “Belt and Road Intiative”.








Auto Industry

Jun 4, 2015   //   Products


Core Technology of Xinzhu Auto Industry: High energy super capacitor battery

  • Technological superiority

With the large power density of super capacitor, the charge and discharge performance of high rate can be realized, and it also has the characteristics of high energy density and high energy storage of the Li ion battery.

  • Safety advantage

From August 2006 to March 2015, a total of 9338031 kilometers of domestic and international operational assessment, zero battery failure, zero fuel burst.

  • Application advantage

Just 5~8 minutes in the destination station can be full charged, long-distance lines using individual site fill power. Online fast charge to achieve 24 hours non-stop bus operations,no mileage limit.

  • Life advantage

500,000 times of complete charge and discharge,the only battery of life equivalent to vehicle,can significantly reduce vehicle of total life cost.

  • Energy advantage

Large rate of charge and discharge characteristics, can greatly improve the vehicle braking energy recovery ratio, and the long, large slope downhill energy recovery ratio, reduce operating costs.

  • System advantage

Without focus on building large-scale charging and changing power stations, operating vehicles without concentrated parking to charge, the distributed charging facilities with the minimum transform and influence of power supply system.


E bus

E bus2

E bus3

E bus4

E bus5

E bus6

E bus7

E bus8

Contract with Wuxi Dasheng

Jan 15, 2015   //   News

On the morning of Juanary 6th, 2015, the signing ceremony  was held at our headquarters to celebrate that Xinzhu together with Wuxi Dasheng Investment Developing Co. Ltd (“Wuxi Dasheng”) succeed buying a 51% stake in Shanghai AoWei Technology Development Co. Ltd (shortened to “AoWei Technology”). In this acquisition, Xinzhu got the 51%  stake in Shanghai AoWei held by Wuxi Dasheng with 153million RMB.
On the signing ceremony, Xinzhu chairman Mr. Zhiming Huang and chairman of Wuxi Dasheng, li Hua gave speeches respectively. They both said this share transfer would promote the cooperation and a win-win situation between 2 company.They signed the “share transfer assignment” on behalf of each company. The ceremony draw to a happy ending.


signed the contract with Wuxi Dasheng to buy a 51%  stake in AoWei Technology

AoWei Technology is commited to design,develop,produce and sale supercapacitor. It has the capacity for independent design and innovation. It has applied for 61 Chinese and foreign patent(48 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 3 American patents and 4 pct)and received 37 licenses (24 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 2 American licenses). Aowei Technology takes the lead in the number of Chinese patent. Its patents involve not only the production of supercapacitor but also its vital materials (eg. electrode materials,diaphragm and electrolyte), production process, systems technology and application industry. It has basiclly achieved the patent protection system covering the whole process of supercapacitor industry. Aowei Technology‘s production has entered international all-electric city buses, Hybrid cars, Rail transportation, all-electric heavy tractor, electric trolley, mining electric locomotive, State grid and war industry and  started to expand into back source and solar power storage.
Our company is growing to a system solution provider of modern streetcar wihle the supercapacitor being one of the most important subsystems in modern streetcar. This agreement marks that our company has entered supercapacitor research and development, produce and application. This acquisition can facilitate our profitability and the chain of trail transportation production.