80-ton Super Capacitor Locomotive Officially Invested in “One Belt, One Road” Construction

Jul 4, 2019   //   News, Products


The 80-ton supercapacitor locomotive of China Railway Machinery Institute was formally invested in the construction of the S2 section of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh.


The 80-ton locomotive consisting of the difficulty of the research and manufacture of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel Project by China Railway Machinery Institute applies the high-energy 92kWh super capacitor system independently developed by Shanghai Aowei Technology Co., Ltd. as the traction power supply. By driving the inverter to drive the traction motor, the latest designed locomotive is more energy-efficient and the efficiency of the energy recovery system is also improved. It is suitable for difference in height lines. The transportation inside the tunnel is more environmentally friendly than the internal combustion engine and lithium battery vehicle and is also safer to use.


It is understood that the construction project of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh is the main project in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and an important part of the China-Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor. The implementation of the project will improve the highway network of Asia, promoting Bangladesh and its surrounding areas, which is of great significance to promote national connectivity is of Bangladesh and its neighbors.

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