Guanggu Super Capacitor Trams Taken Over 10 Million Passengers

May 7, 2019   //   News


Since the trial operation was opened on April 1st, 2018 to May 4th, 2019, Guanggu’s super capacitor trams have accumulated 399 days of operation, with a total mileage of 1,865,514 kilometers, and the total passenger traffic has exceeded 10 million.




As the world’s first long-distance, non-touch, net super capacitor modern tram, Guanggu Tram has attracted the attention of international railways transit giants since its birth. It is moving forward surrounding by questions and doubt all the time. Modern tram line and vehicle segment of Guanggu innovatively use super capacitor power supply, setting up charging piles in stations and depots along the line and making full use of Aowei high-energy super capacitors to store large power, endurance, no need for charging station. With the world-class energy storage technology, Guanggu solved the issues of safe operation in operation line climbing, maximum station spacing, air conditioning power, road junction traffic, overall operating mileage, etc., becoming a beautiful urban landscape along the East Lake.


For 20 years, Aowei employees have insisted on interpreting the understanding of “innovation” and have the courage to face all doubts and setbacks, because we firmly believe that sweat will eventually bloom the most beautiful flowers, adhere to technical confidence, the super capacitor system will bring new green bus power to more and more cities. We also sincerely hope to have the opportunity to reproduce the super capacitor energy storage drive in Shanghai’s Lingang and Chongming’s modern trams.


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