Contract with Wuxi Dasheng

Jan 15, 2015   //   News

On the morning of Juanary 6th, 2015, the signing ceremony  was held at our headquarters to celebrate that Xinzhu together with Wuxi Dasheng Investment Developing Co. Ltd (“Wuxi Dasheng”) succeed buying a 51% stake in Shanghai AoWei Technology Development Co. Ltd (shortened to “AoWei Technology”). In this acquisition, Xinzhu got the 51%  stake in Shanghai AoWei held by Wuxi Dasheng with 153million RMB.
On the signing ceremony, Xinzhu chairman Mr. Zhiming Huang and chairman of Wuxi Dasheng, li Hua gave speeches respectively. They both said this share transfer would promote the cooperation and a win-win situation between 2 company.They signed the “share transfer assignment” on behalf of each company. The ceremony draw to a happy ending.


signed the contract with Wuxi Dasheng to buy a 51%  stake in AoWei Technology

AoWei Technology is commited to design,develop,produce and sale supercapacitor. It has the capacity for independent design and innovation. It has applied for 61 Chinese and foreign patent(48 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 3 American patents and 4 pct)and received 37 licenses (24 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 2 American licenses). Aowei Technology takes the lead in the number of Chinese patent. Its patents involve not only the production of supercapacitor but also its vital materials (eg. electrode materials,diaphragm and electrolyte), production process, systems technology and application industry. It has basiclly achieved the patent protection system covering the whole process of supercapacitor industry. Aowei Technology‘s production has entered international all-electric city buses, Hybrid cars, Rail transportation, all-electric heavy tractor, electric trolley, mining electric locomotive, State grid and war industry and  started to expand into back source and solar power storage.
Our company is growing to a system solution provider of modern streetcar wihle the supercapacitor being one of the most important subsystems in modern streetcar. This agreement marks that our company has entered supercapacitor research and development, produce and application. This acquisition can facilitate our profitability and the chain of trail transportation production.


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