Secretary Peng in Israel for Xinzhu’s Super Capacitor Bus Inspection

May 30, 2019   //   News

Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Qinghua Peng and following delegates departed for Tel Aviv, Israel on May 28th, 2019. The may purpose of Secretary Peng and his delegates is to inspect the operation condition of super capacitor bus program, which was initiated and promoted by Xinzhu Coporate’s sub branch company, Shanghai Aowei Technical Company in Israel. Party secretary of Sichuan Development and director Fengzhao Wang, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Guanghui Xiao, president of Shanghai Aowei Technical Company Li Hua, and CEO Omar Zohaof Israelis partner company PANDAN Senior Traffic Company participated together with the inspection.


Secretary Peng’s inspection visit to DAN Public Transportation Company

Secretary Peng’s first stop was Israelis partner company, DAN Public Transportation Company. Delegates from DAN Public Transportation Company introduced to Secretary Peng about their company’s history, presenting the exhibition of first bus collected in Israel made by DAN Public Transportation Company, reporting the Route 4 buses running conditions in Tel Aviv. All buses were self-researched by Shanghai Aowei Technical Company, which belongs to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate, applying world-leading techniques on super capacitor and new energy.


Secretary Peng’s trial drive on Israelis first bus, made by DAN Public Transportation Company

Later, Secretary Peng and his delegates took ride on the super capacitor bus. President Wang reported Shanghai Aowei Technical Company’s general progress and plan to Secretary Peng when on board, including super capacitor’s innovative application in Israel, new energy market expansion, output industry technical standards, self-developed patents, and potential European Union market expansion and integrated transit industry plan for the future.


Secretary Peng had a trial drive on the super capacitor bus of Route 4 in Tel Aviv


President Wang reported the condition of super capacitor application and innovation in Israel.

Secretary Peng applauded for the application and promotion of China’s self-developing patents and techniques in Israel, thanking Israelis partners for their long-term supporting and putting trust on China’s techniques. He said: “I’m very happy to see this program succeeded.”


Secretary Peng and his delegates visited DAN Public Transportation Company

Shanghai Aowei Technical Company, which is a sub branch company belonging to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate, initiated their plan of expanding Israelis market since 2012. They have made significant progress in promotion. They have provided 36 series of service, including super capacitor bus transit systems, charging stations and maintenance etc., Route 4 city bus operation testing with super capacitor establishment, and 3 more routes with 50 buses with super capacitor in this year. Secretary Peng’s inspecting route this time is route 4, which locates in the area of Gold Beach in Tel Aviv with 13 km distance of way and back, 19 stops in total. Every bus contains GPRS vehicle location and background monitoring and dispatching system.



Aowei Technical Company’s super capacitor bus drives on the street in Israel

Foreign affairs director of Sichuan Province Zhiwei Cui, deputy director Tao Zhang, vice secretary-general of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Jianjun Wang, Research and Development Committee director Bo Fan, Technical Department director Dong Liu, Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Chibin Lu, PANDAN Senior Traffic Company’s manager Rironnie Ben Josephand DAN Public Transportation Company’s vice manager Irie Ceitler participated together with the inspection.

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