Sichuan Development, Xinzhu Corporate, Shanghai Aowei and BKM Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jul 5, 2018   //   News

Sichuan Development’s deputy CEO Mr. Yigang Zhang, assistant to deputy CEO and manager of financing and managerial department Mr. Keke Liu, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Zhiming Huang, deputy CEO Mr. Xiaofeng Du, Shanghai Aowei’s president Mr. Hua Li visited Belarus and participated Belkommunmash (BKM)’s 45thanniversary event of establishment, which is a project partner with Xinzhu Corporate in “One Belt, One Road” Initiative’s China-Belarus Industrial Park. Vice Premier Shemashenko, Minsk Mayor Sauritzand BKM’s manager Mr. Karlalso participated in the event.

During the event, BKM introduced the 18-meter and 12-meter new super capacitor bus, which was developed with Xinzhu Corporate and Shanghai Aowei’s cooperation, to government officials of Belarus and other guests from 13 countries. The effectiveness of promotion was positive.


Sichuan Development’s deputy director Mr. Yigang Zhang, Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Zhiming Huang, Shanghai Aowei’s president Mr. Hua Li and BKM manager Mr. Karl signed the strategic cooperation agreement, witnessed by Vice Premier Shemashenko. Shanghai Aowei, BKM and AXIS from India signed strategic cooperation agreement about market expansion in India, witnessed by Vice Premier Shemashenko.


After signing ceremony, Vice Premier Shamashenko met with Mr. Zhang, Mr. Huang, Mr. Du, Mr. Li and Mr. Karl. Vice Premier Shamashenko applauded for the cooperation between China’s company and BKM in super capacitor bus development. He expected to see all parties cooperate in other areas, expand market range, research and develop more products with quality and techniques, and make better economic benefit.


During dinner party, Mr. Zhang addressed on behalf of Sichuan Development, Xinzhu Corporate and Shanghai Aowei, congratulating 45thanniversary of BKM’s establishment, hoping all parties would have bright future in cooperation, including new energy city bus, tram, super capacitor and embedded track.



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