Xinzhu & CEC Signed Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Agreement Expand Jointly in New Railways & Transportation Market

Mar 27, 2019   //   News

President of China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CEC) Shoubing Li and his delegated paid a visit to Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Corporate on March 27th, 2019. Both sides had productive communication about cooperation and joint market expansion. They reached agreement and signed Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Agreementbased on consensuses of “shared information, mutual complementary, pragmatic cooperation, joint development” about potential new railways and transportation market. Deputymanager of Sichuan Development Yigang Zhang attended the meeting and witnessed the signing ceremony.


Picture 1: Strategic Cooperation Doctrine Signing Ceremony

President Li and his delegates first visited Xinzhu Corporate’s manufactory base. Xinzhu’s president Guanghui Xiao introduced the current advertising and promotion progress of company’s new railways and transportation market’s overall arrangement. Xinzhu’s CEO Yonglin Yang introduced the current progress of research and development of techniques, applications and marketing promotion, with aspects of embedded railways, suspended monorail and embedded HSST etc.


Picture 2: President Li visited manufacturing base of Xinzhu Corporate

President Li gave credit to Xinzhu’s development capability, technical level, manufacturing capability and producing dimension on railways and transportation industry, applauding that the performance of Xinzhu is higher than expectation. President Li also pointed out that Xinzhu has clear strategic foresight on new railways and transportation industry, especially put it in priority of development by importing German company Max Bögl’s embedded HSST. President Li said CEC would implement their advantages to work with Xinzhu in order to customize products and reduce manufacturing cost, enhancing their developing sustainability in railways and transportation industry. In the mean time, CEC would combine their technical advantages in planning and designing and engineering procurement construction (EPC) and Sichuan Development’s capital advantage, formulating cooperative effect to increase competitive capability of market expansion in railways and transportation industry.


Picture 3: CEC’s President Li delivered speech

Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Yigang Zhang supported the strategic cooperation between CEC and Xinzhu Corporate on his company’s behalf. Mr. Zhang said that Xinzhu Corporate has become a strategic investing object of Sichuan Development, which has been listed as top 10 worthy investing enterprises. Therefore, they would provide support in capital investment, management and market expansion.


Picture 4: Deputy manager Yigang Zhang delivered speech

Manager of Managerial Department of Sichuan Development Yueneng Yang, Marketing Director Wu Nong, General Manager of CEC’s Southwest Regional Hongtao Chen, CEC’s Design Product Center Director Dianhua Cui, CEC’s Sichuan Branch Dean Chenfeng Li, CEC’s Sichuan Branch Vice President Yuan He, Secretary Dong Wang and other leaders and VIP guests, and Vice President Kemin Feng, Chief Financial Officer Xiuying Jia, Deputy CEO Yang Zhang, Deputy CEO Bin Wang, Institute of Technology Research Dean Ting Wang, Assistant to the president Qiang Lu, Deputy Director of Technology Department and Director of Intelligent Control Institute Xirong Zhao and other company leaders participated in the above activities.


Picture 5: Group of Leaders and VIP Guests


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