Xinzhu & Max Bögl Signed New Generation HSST Licensing Agreement

Mar 21, 2018   //   News

On March 15, 2018, Xinzhu Corporate and the Germany’s Max Bögl Group signed the Technical License Agreement for Max Bögl’s Maglev Transportation Systemin Sengenthal, Germany. Xinzhu Corporate will fully introduce the core technology of the new generation of HSST system with international leading level and try to achieve localization.


Due to the serious air pollution and traffic congestion in large and medium-sized cities in China, the demand for urban railways transit market is huge. However, existing urban railways transit solutions are with high cost, and the market urgently demands low-cost solutions under the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, including lower construction costs and operational maintenance costs. This is the development direction pointed out by the market for the supply side of urban railways transit with high quality. With the continuous advancement and maturity of science and technology, the application range of HSST system becomes wider and wider, and the performance becomes higher and higher. It has been widely recognized by the industry and the market, and widely regarded by the industry as the mainstream of the future development direction of urban railways transit. Therefore, many countries in the world such as Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China are striving to seize the leading position of technological development.

It has gathered the world’s top experts, has 50 years of research foundation, and has been researched and developed over 8 years. It has been tested, verified and optimized in the test line for more than 70,000 kilometers in 6 years, and will pass strict third-party international certification to ensure the system is safe and reliable.

Max Bögl is a leading company in the German railway infrastructure industry, the main technology transfer of China’s high-speed rail infrastructure, one of the world’s earliest maglev traffic advocates and practitioners, and the main technology transfer and supporter of Shanghai Maglev Transportation, participating in all the magnetic floating traffic foundations in the world. Facilities construction. Max Bögl brings together top experts from the world’s leading companies such as the German National Maglev Center, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp. Based on 50 years of research on magnetic floating traffic technology, the company has integrated high-speed solutions for the problems of low-speed magnetic floating in the world. The technical concept of maglev transportation adopts a new in-line structure, which has been developed into a new generation of medium and HSST system. The system has been tested, verified and optimized on the test line for 6 years, safely and reliably running more than 70,000 kilometers, forming a complete set of technologies including vehicle, track, control and system integration. Therefore, conditions of promoting the technique to the market is mature. Partial system has passed the third-party certification of the German Federal Railways (German: Deutsche Bahn AG) and will seek to pass the third-party comprehensive certification of the German Federal Railways by the end of 2018.


Leading technology, wide application, high cost performance, and possessing the absolute advantage of leading position of the world’s maglev transportation, it will bring revolutionary changes to the development of urban railways transit.

Max Bögl’s new generation of HSST system has achieved breakthrough outcomes in terms of overall efficiency, speed grade, acceleration capability, passenger capacity, magnetic radiation, noise control, and limit size, and comprehensively surpass all HSST systems around the world. The maglev transportation system has reached the international leading level and had breakthrough restricting the development of HSST system. It can be widely used in urban rail transit market of about 90% of elevated light rail, urban fast track, short-distance intercity and underground track. Maglev transportation system as underground traffic system will be first applied in China, and it will bring huge economic and social benefits. Max Bögl’s new generation of HSST system has obvious cost-effective competitive advantages compared with the systems currently in use in the above market segments. While improving transportation capacity and ensuring higher safety and reliability, it can greatly reduce construction and operation cost. The cost protection has brought substantial changes to the development of urban railways transit system, and it will become the vane of the development of HSST transportation in the world, leading the future development direction of urban railways transit.

The comprehensive introduction and local industrialization of Max Bögl’s new HSST transportation system is of great significance to promote the development of the urban railways transit industry in Sichuan and Chengdu.

China’s urban railways transit has experienced a rapid growth trend. According to the statistics of the China Urban Railways Transit Association, until of the end of 2017, the operating mileage has reached 5021.7 kilometers. It is estimated that the new mileage will exceed 10,000 kilometers in the next decade, and the potential market space is huge. Max Bögl’s new generation of magnetic floating traffic system has obvious competitive advantages, such as technology leadership, safety and reliability, wide application and high cost-effective performance. The development prospect is very bright. Xinzhu Corporate will accelerate the completion of the new generation of low-speed magnetic floating traffic system of Max Bögl, and jointly develop series products with Max Bögl, universities, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, relevant units and enterprises, including one-way hourly passenger flow to 35,000; railways transit system with a speed of 120 km/h; a city traffic system with a speed of 160 km/h and a short-distance intercity transport system of 200 km/h; and a maglev subway system with a one-way hourly cross-section of more than 45,000 passengers. In order to reach the 90% urban rail transit market. As a leading enterprise in the rail transit industry of the province and the city, Xinzhu Corporate will cooperate with the relevant units and enterprises in the railways transit field of the province to achieve 100% local industrialization of the whole industrial chain and whole-system manufacturing of Max Bögl’s new-generation HSST system, seizing the world’s leading position in the development of maglev industry, and striving to create another national-level business card after the high-speed rail in the railways transit industry. The development of railways transit system will also create huge economic and social benefits, achieving the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of Xinzhu Corporate, and promoting Sichuan Province’s “Industry-led, international first-class” and the industrial goal of “leading the world’s railways transit advanced technology development direction” in Chengdu. This will make new and greater contributions to the development of China’s urban railways transit industry.

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