Xinzhu’s Build-in HSST Test Line Foundation Stone Officially Laid

Jun 6, 2018   //   News

In order to speed up the development of the rail transit industry, and to do the best job to introduce, absorb, digest and re-innovate the build-in HSST, the foundation of the first build-in HSST test line in China, which is in Xinzhu Corporate’s construction of the railway transportation equipment production base, was officially laid on the morning of June 6th, 2018.


Sichuan Development’s deputy manager Mr. Yigang Zhang and other leaders, Xinjin County’s deputy country mayor Mr. Ke Wei and other leaders, Doc. Schmidt, German Consul General in Chengdu, leaders from Railways and Transit Department of Chengdu, leaders from Second Institute of China Railway and China High-speed Railway and other strategic cooperation units, President Stefan Bögl and his technical delegation, build-in HSST partner from Germany, President Zhiming Huang, Vice President Kemin Feng and all leaders from management and departments and representatives of employees participated the foundation laying ceremony. The ceremony was held by Xinzhu Corporate’s CEO Mr. Yonglin Yang.

In March 2018, Xinzhu Corporate officially signed a technology licensing agreement with Max Bögl, the world leader in HSST, to fully introduce the world’s super-class full set of essential technologies in build-in HSST, including vehicles, track beams, signals, control and system integration. The test line will be built using this world-class build-in HSST. The build-in HSST is a technical and economic indicator that Max Bögl Company has developed over the years, and now it has leading position on build-in HSST’s several aspects, including comprehensiveness, comfort, construction cost and operation and maintenance cost. Xinzhu Corporate will cooperate with Max Bögl to innovate based on current technology. The research and development operation speed ranges from 80km/h to 200km/h, and the transportation capacity ranges from 5,000 people/h to 50,000 people/h, covering the underground, above-ground, inner city, urban and suburban areas. Xinzhu Corporate will try to contribute to the 100% localization of the above products and the subsequent research and development service, and Max Bögl will jointly complete the industrial chain of the new generation of railways and transportation system in Sichuan and Chengdu.


The test line starts from the east side of the Xinzhu Corporate’s railways transit equipment production base and ends at the south side of the Xingwu 4thRoad and the Second Ring Highway intersection. It mainly runs along the Xingwu 4thRoad from south to north, with a total length of 4500 meters. The products could meet the demand of a designed speed of 80-200 km/h, a one-way hourly flow of 5000-50,000 people, straight-line driving, acceleration and deceleration, maximum slope, maximum roll angle, minimum turning radius, maximum speed and signal system, power supply system and automatic driving assistant system. The full-featured test and verification of the driving system, as well as the all-weather, high-performance, full-load, trouble-free, continuous operation, commercial operation demonstration, so the line will be the longest, fastest and most complete maglev test line in China.

Xinzhu Corporate will strive to complete the first phase of the test line construction in June 2019, trying to meet the demand of operation demonstration with a speed of 160km per hour, and to pass the international third-party certification. Xinzhu Corporate will strive to complete the construction of the test line in 2020 and meet the demand of commercial simulation operation demonstration with a speed of 200km per hour. After the test line is completed and implemented, it will fully demonstrate the super-class market coverage capability of the build-in HSST (super-iron), super-class technical performance advantages, super-class life-cycle cost competitive advantage and commercial operation advantages, and 100% localization, which will be of great significance for occupying the leading position of the world urban railways transit technology, occupying the vast urban rail transit market, and promoting the leading development of the rail transit industry in Sichuan and Chengdu.


President Zhiming Huang of Xinzhu Corporate said in his speech that the build-in HSST is the world’s super-class urban railways transit system and will lead the future development. The company will thoroughly implement the requirements from the province, city and county to vigorously develop the railways transit industry. While fully introducing and mastering the essential technology of the build-in HSST, the company will build an integrated platform for traffic system research and development, display, promotion through the test line construction, and will accelerate the modification of the industry, market promotion and application, and quickly seize the leading position of the development in the global HSST competition.

President Stefan Bögl introduced the development process of the build-in HSST and the world’s leading system advantages, as well as the unique advantages of the system operation without the impact of snow and ice. Mr. Bögl said he was very happy and honored that Max Bögl’s technique will be imported to China, and he was convinced that Max Bögl has found their most correct and reliable partner in China, which is Xinzhu Corporate. In the future, Max Bögl will work together with Xinzhu Corporate to speed up the construction of pilot lines and project cooperation, so that the vehicles riding on the build-in HSST can ride on the test line with speed of 160 km/h as soon as possible, which will be the start of heading for a vast Chinese market.

Dr. Schmidt said in his speech that Xinzhu Corporate, as a Chinese company visited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has become increasingly close and deep in exchanges and cooperation with Germany. He sincerely hoped that the build-in HSST project jointly promoted by Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl will be successful in China, and the comprehensive test line built in Chengdu will be completed soon.

Deputy manager of Sichuan Development Mr. Yigang Zhang expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful cooperation and the foundation laying of the build-in HSST test line project of cooperation between Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl. He hoped that Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl can Further strengthen the foundation of cooperation and accomplish the world’s leading build-in HSST production industry as soon as possible.

Deputy Country Mayor Mr. Ke Wei, said in his speech that Xinjin is one of the “two bases” in the “one school, one headquarters and two bases” of the Chengdu railways transit industry. In recent years, the railways transit industry has developed rapidly and formed a large number of important enterprises supporting rail transit industry development with leading enterprises like Xinzhu Corporate.The construction of HSST test line of the cooperation between Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl company started marking a new stage of cooperation between the two parties. He hoped that Xinzhu Corporate and Max Bögl will accelerate the construction of the project and achieve leapfrog development through strong alliances and strong support from Sichuan Development.


Finally, Secretary Zhang, Deputy County Mayor Mr. Wei, Manager Ms. Peng Yu, Dr. Schmidt, President Mr. Bögl, President Mr. Huang, Vice President Mr. Feng, CEO Mr. Yang, Pro. Mnich, and Pro. Bert Zamzow laid the foundation for the project together.

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