Xinzhu’s New Production Center Opened in Belarus

Aug 31, 2018   //   News

August 29th, 2018, production operation and off-line promotion opening ceremony of Chengdu Xinzhu Aowei’s super capacitor research and production center was successfully held at 16:30 local time in “China-Belarus Industrial Park” in Minsk Region, Belarus. Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu became the first high-tech producing enterprise with fully independent intellectual property rights of China, which was also the first enterprise completing manufacturing process in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”.


Secretary of Chengdu City Party Committee Mr. Ruiping Fan, China to Belarus Ambassador Mr. Qiming Cui, deputy director of Belarus’ economy department Mr. Tusevich, deputy manager of China-Belarus Industrial Park Mr. Igri, general manager of joint venture companies in China-Belarus Industrial Park Mr. Haixin Li and other 100 representatives from both countries paid visit to Xinzhu Aowei’s products inside the industrial park, including production workshop inside the industrial park, remote monitoring room of super capacitor city buses and 12-meter super capacitor bus product, which was developed and produced by Chengdu Xinzhu, Shanghai Aowei and BKM Company. All representatives participated the production operation and off-line promotion opening ceremony of Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu Corporate’s production in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”.




Xinzhu Corporate’s president Mr. Guanghui Xiao addressed in the opening ceremony, reviewing the developing process of Xinzhu Corporate’s involvement in building production programs in “China-Belarus Industrial Park”, giving positive comment on company’s progress in programs in “China-Belarus Industrial Park” and wished the future success of Chengdu Xinzhu, Shanghai Aowei and BKM’s cooperation. Deputy director of Belarus’ economy department Mr. Tusevichaddressed in the ceremony as well. He pointed out that “China-Belarus Industrial Park” is an important platform for promoting “One Belt, One Road” Initiative, which is strategically significant for bilateral relationship, and Sichuan Development’s Chengdu Xinzhu’s program is a perfect example of enterprises’ cooperation from both countries.




After the speech, Secretary Mr. Ruiping Fan, Ambassador Mr. Qiming Cui, Deputy Director Mr. Tusevich, Deputy Manager Mr. Igri, Manager Mr. Haixin Li and President Mr. Guanghui Xiao cut the ribbon for the success of opening ceremony.


The floor area of Chengdu Xinzhu Aowei’s super capacitor research and production center is around 11000 m2, and factory building’s area is 1800 m2. The phase 1 project will contain functions of assembly manufacturing of super capacitor, inspection, maintenance and after-sale service etc., formulating annual producing capacity of one million monocases in different types, 300 integrated components for different systems and satisfying 300 super capacitor buses’ demand of supplying support. The estimated annual output value could be 30 million USD. Next step, Xinzhu Corporate would regard “China-Belarus Industrial Park” as a starting point, expanding regional new energy transportation markets in CIS, EU and Eurasian Economic Union.

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