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Structural Materials

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Structural Materials

Xinzhu manufactures various kinds of bridge bearings for highway or railway use, and the products meet related industry and national standards, e.g. TB/T “Pot Rubber Bearing for Railway Bridge”, GB/T 17955 “Spherical Bearing Technology Conditions”, TB/T1853 ”Railway Bridge Forging Steel Bearing”, etc. The company has gained the “Manufacturing License of National Industrial Products” issued by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and the railway bridge bearing product has gained the CRCC certification. Xinzhu products are titled as “National Customer Satisfied Product”.

Bridge & Tunnel Machinery

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Bridge Tunnel Machinery

China has invested much in the infrastructure construction, especially in the transport projects like highways and railways. There are many high grade highway and high-speed railway projects under construction, and the requirements on the construction quality is greatly improved. As the tunnel lining trolley can completely meet the requirements for the project quality and greatly improve the productivity, it is widely used in the construction of highway tunnels, railway tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, underground tunnels, etc.