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Earthmoving Machinery

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Earthmoving Machinery

Xinzhu compact excavator is the new product independently developed on the base of advanced excavator technologies from both home and abroad. The product can be applicable to soils of grade3 or less, and it can also install with rock drill, grapple, hydraulic breaker, etc. according to the work conditions. Compared with similar products of domestic counterparts, Xinzhu products feature advanced performance and more reliable quality.
The design parameters is adapted from the same models of leading manufacturers both in China and abroad. The matching parts adopt products of famous international brands, featuring mature technology, high reliability and long life. The hydraulic system adopts Rexroth products; the diesel engine adopts originally imported products of Cummins, Yanmar, Isuzu, etc; and other key parts also adopt products of leading enterprises both at home and abroad.

Bridge & Tunnel Machinery

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Bridge Tunnel Machinery

China has invested much in the infrastructure construction, especially in the transport projects like highways and railways. There are many high grade highway and high-speed railway projects under construction, and the requirements on the construction quality is greatly improved. As the tunnel lining trolley can completely meet the requirements for the project quality and greatly improve the productivity, it is widely used in the construction of highway tunnels, railway tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, underground tunnels, etc.

Road Machinery

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Road Machinery

Xinzhu is the first professional paver manufacturer in China to make independent research and development and gain the intellectual property right. The company is also the first to advocate multifunctional paver. Xinzhu road material paver. Xinzhu paver meets the actual road and construction conditions in China, and it is designed with the latest paver technology, featuring superior performance. The product has been widely used in the construction of various freeways and municipal roads.

Concrete Machinery

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Concrete Machinery

Xinzhu is one of the first manufacturers in China to adopt secondary stage mixing technology on the design of large capacity continuous concrete mixing plant. With electronic measurement and continuous operation technology, the mixing plant product can be used to mix plastic concrete, dry hard or semidry hard compacted concrete. The product has been successfully used in various projects like Xichang-Panzhihua Expressway, Wuhan-Huangshi Expressway, Yunnan Xiaowan Hydropower station, Sichuan Zipingpu Power Plant, etc.