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80-ton Super Capacitor Locomotive Officially Invested in “One Belt, One Road” Construction

Jul 4, 2019   //   News, Products


The 80-ton supercapacitor locomotive of China Railway Machinery Institute was formally invested in the construction of the S2 section of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh.


The 80-ton locomotive consisting of the difficulty of the research and manufacture of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel Project by China Railway Machinery Institute applies the high-energy 92kWh super capacitor system independently developed by Shanghai Aowei Technology Co., Ltd. as the traction power supply. By driving the inverter to drive the traction motor, the latest designed locomotive is more energy-efficient and the efficiency of the energy recovery system is also improved. It is suitable for difference in height lines. The transportation inside the tunnel is more environmentally friendly than the internal combustion engine and lithium battery vehicle and is also safer to use.


It is understood that the construction project of the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh is the main project in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and an important part of the China-Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor. The implementation of the project will improve the highway network of Asia, promoting Bangladesh and its surrounding areas, which is of great significance to promote national connectivity is of Bangladesh and its neighbors.

Aowei’s Super Capacitor Vehicle Supports Energy Cluster Annual Conference in Denmark

Jun 11, 2019   //   News, Products

On June 11th, 2019, the pure electric super capacitor bus jointly developed by Shanghai Aowei, Chariot Motors and Suzhou Jinlong was officially opened for trial operation in Aalborg, Denmark. The demonstration line runs from the airport to Aalborg University with 24 km distance through the Aalborg city center, which needs only 8 minutes to be charged at the airport to meet the back and forth line conditions. It is also the first new energy bus in the historic city of Aalborg, the port city of northern Denmark on the Jutland Peninsula and the capital of Nordjylland, one of the oldest cities in Denmark built in 1342 A.D.


At the same time, the Energy Cluster 2019 Annual Conference was held in Aalborg. Representatives from the European Union tried to get to the venue by super capacitor bus, which provided good experience from this comfortable and environmentally friendly new energy bus. The delegation of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology participated in the opening ceremony of the super capacitor bus line. Under the attention of the EU representatives at the same time, Aowei Technical Company in Denmark, Nordic Center of the National Engineering Center, Shanghai Science and Technology Association Party Secretary Xingfa Ma and Mayor of Aalborg Larsen unveiled the plate together. It is a remarkable step forward during the internationalization process of Aowei Technical Company. In order to contribute to the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative, Aowei will work hard to contribute to global ecological civilization. Congratulations to Aowei and Aalborg.



On the same day, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Aowei, Tongji University, etc. were invited to participate in the conference. The theme of this conference is: “Intellectual Energy under Intelligent City”. Around this theme, Secretary Ma, Shanghai Aowei’s Mr. Hua Li and Professor Zhuoping Yu of Tongji University made wonderful speeches at the conference, reviewing the history of cooperation between Shanghai and Aalborg, and proposed exploring various possibilities for future development prospects. The conference also invited professors from well-known Nordic universities like Aalborg University and Danish Technical University to make special reports. Both China and Europe presented their research results on this international stage.

The meeting was hosted by Ms. Lykke Friis, who is the former minister of Energy Minstry of Denmark. At the meeting, Mr. Thomas Kastrup Larsen, Mayor of Aalborg, and Mr. Xingfa Ma, Secretary of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, jointly held the opening ceremony for Shanghai Aowei Nordic Company and the Super Capacitor Nordic Sub-center. Sichuan Development’s Xinzhu Aowei Technology Nordic Company and Aowei Super Capacitor Nordic Research and Development Center were formally established.

Aowei Technology’s supercapacitor technology will bring new vitality to the leisurely old town in Northern Europe, which will make her more beautiful, and further enhance the friendship between Shanghai and Aalborg.



Super Capacitor Bus Enters Macedonia

Nov 14, 2018   //   News, Products


Recently, the super capacitor bus developing by China entered Skopje, the largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. The first five super capacitor buses arriving at the port were jointly built by Aowei andHager Bus, indicating the further entry of Macedonia’s bus into a new stage of green and environmental protection.


Macedonia is the seventh European country after Israel, Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia and Belarus to enter. The safe, reliable and green high-energy super capacitor electric city bus has been accepted and appreciated by more and more countries. Germany, Italy, Australia, Norway and other countries are also negotiating with Aowei to import the super capacitor bus demonstration line. The employees of Aowei will draw a flowing green landscape on the streets in more cities in the future.

Super Capacitor Electric City Bus Drives into Italy

Nov 13, 2018   //   News, Products


Remember the Hagrid E12 super capacitor electric city bus that debuted at the Belgian Bus Exhibition in 2017? The pure electric city bus applied with Siemens and Aowei super capacitor system is faster to charge, the whole vehicle is lighter, the service life is longer, and the safety is more secure. Therefore, many fans were captured in the exhibition.


Recently, this shining bus entered the port city of La Spezia in northern Italy, initiating the demonstration operation of the super capacitor electric city bus in Italy. The internationalization of the super capacitor electric city bus operation system will be better and better.


China-Belarus’ Cooperated Super Capacitor Bus Runs 18,000 KM

Sep 8, 2017   //   News, Products

The bright yellow super capacitor electric city bus added a beautiful landscape to the city of Minsk, Belarus. Route 43, Route 59’s all 18-meter super capacitor electric city buses are traveling through the city streets and alleys.

The drivers of Minsk Bus Company praised these buses as a model of China’s technological integration of innovation and localization. The failure rate of the super capacitor system from Shanghai Automotive Company is extremely low. The project has reached 18,000 kilometers since the passenger boarding running in May.


Aowei and its employees use their wisdom and sweat to write the story of “One Belt, One Road” Initiative to help build a global green public transportation system.



Aowei Participated 8th International Super Capacitor Exhibition in Shanghai, China

Aug 3, 2017   //   News


On August 23rd, 2017 in Shanghai, the three-day China (Shanghai) International Super Capacitor Industry Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers in super capacitors and related industries attended the exhibition.

As a leading company in the domestic supercapacitor industry, Shanghai Aowei’s E3E4125 pavilion attracted many visitors. Aowei’s technical elites introduced the latest super capacitor technology and the most advanced fast charging technology to guests at the exhibition.

With the development of super capacitors in fields of automobiles, elevators, railways transit etc., Aowei will work with partners to explore the market potential of super capacitors, jointly describing the future of super capacitors.


External Sightseeing of the Exhibition


Crowded Guests in Aowei’s Pavilion


Sales Chief Inspector Chen Interviewed by CCTV


Fast Charging Technology


Answering Questions

Contract with Wuxi Dasheng

Jan 15, 2015   //   News

On the morning of Juanary 6th, 2015, the signing ceremony  was held at our headquarters to celebrate that Xinzhu together with Wuxi Dasheng Investment Developing Co. Ltd (“Wuxi Dasheng”) succeed buying a 51% stake in Shanghai AoWei Technology Development Co. Ltd (shortened to “AoWei Technology”). In this acquisition, Xinzhu got the 51%  stake in Shanghai AoWei held by Wuxi Dasheng with 153million RMB.
On the signing ceremony, Xinzhu chairman Mr. Zhiming Huang and chairman of Wuxi Dasheng, li Hua gave speeches respectively. They both said this share transfer would promote the cooperation and a win-win situation between 2 company.They signed the “share transfer assignment” on behalf of each company. The ceremony draw to a happy ending.


signed the contract with Wuxi Dasheng to buy a 51%  stake in AoWei Technology

AoWei Technology is commited to design,develop,produce and sale supercapacitor. It has the capacity for independent design and innovation. It has applied for 61 Chinese and foreign patent(48 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 3 American patents and 4 pct)and received 37 licenses (24 for invention, 13 for utility model, including 2 American licenses). Aowei Technology takes the lead in the number of Chinese patent. Its patents involve not only the production of supercapacitor but also its vital materials (eg. electrode materials,diaphragm and electrolyte), production process, systems technology and application industry. It has basiclly achieved the patent protection system covering the whole process of supercapacitor industry. Aowei Technology‘s production has entered international all-electric city buses, Hybrid cars, Rail transportation, all-electric heavy tractor, electric trolley, mining electric locomotive, State grid and war industry and  started to expand into back source and solar power storage.
Our company is growing to a system solution provider of modern streetcar wihle the supercapacitor being one of the most important subsystems in modern streetcar. This agreement marks that our company has entered supercapacitor research and development, produce and application. This acquisition can facilitate our profitability and the chain of trail transportation production.