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Auto Industry

Jun 4, 2015   //   Products


Core Technology of Xinzhu Auto Industry: High energy super capacitor battery

  • Technological superiority

With the large power density of super capacitor, the charge and discharge performance of high rate can be realized, and it also has the characteristics of high energy density and high energy storage of the Li ion battery.

  • Safety advantage

From August 2006 to March 2015, a total of 9338031 kilometers of domestic and international operational assessment, zero battery failure, zero fuel burst.

  • Application advantage

Just 5~8 minutes in the destination station can be full charged, long-distance lines using individual site fill power. Online fast charge to achieve 24 hours non-stop bus operations,no mileage limit.

  • Life advantage

500,000 times of complete charge and discharge,the only battery of life equivalent to vehicle,can significantly reduce vehicle of total life cost.

  • Energy advantage

Large rate of charge and discharge characteristics, can greatly improve the vehicle braking energy recovery ratio, and the long, large slope downhill energy recovery ratio, reduce operating costs.

  • System advantage

Without focus on building large-scale charging and changing power stations, operating vehicles without concentrated parking to charge, the distributed charging facilities with the minimum transform and influence of power supply system.


E bus

E bus2

E bus3

E bus4

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E bus8

Rail Vehicle

May 25, 2014   //   Products

Rail Rolling Stock Manufacturing:

  • The company has constructed a 520,000 ㎡ rail traffic industry base with upfront investment of €80 million, Xinzhu Corporation has completed 78 thousand square meters’ plant of assembly,painting, locomotive body, maintenance, testing and 1.2 km dynamic test line with which Xinzhu could achieve an annual production capacity of 300 carriages and the relative maintenance services.
  • On June 30, 2012 Xinzhu Corporation completed the building of the plants of coating, locomotive body, bogies and assembly of rail coaches. The plants are completed with state-of-the-arts manufacturing equipment enabling the company to achieve predicted production volumes to fulfill on-going contractual requirements.

Aerial View of the plan and the test tracks

Aerial View of the plan and the test tracks

Rail Manufacturing:

  • In the state-of-the arts manufacturing facilities, Xinzhu Corporation is focusing on the production of modern tram and metro vehicles, while planning a market entry also in the high-speed program. Xinzhu Corporation strive to be the largest rail transit vehicle manufacturer in southwest of China by 2020.

Stainless steel metro car body assembly

Stainless steel metro car body assembly

Low floor tram carboy assembly

Low floor tram carboy assembly

  • State of the arts manufacturing facilities with latest lean manufacturing and kaizen applications

State of the arts manufacturing facilities with latest lean manufacturing and kaizen applications

Utility Vehicle

Jan 26, 2014   //   Products

XinZhu Utility Vehicle

To meet the requirements of “high standards, strictness, and high quality” in the high-speed railway construction in China, industrialized construction is adopted. Large-scale standardized manufacturing is required for the manufacturing enterprises of railway bridge functional parts instead of the historical single piece and small amount production. This is a revolutionary turning point in China’s history of bridge functional parts manufacturing.